Vitax Whitefly Traps

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Whitefly Traps are great at tackling greenfly, thrips, whitefly, midges and other flying pest infestations in greenhouses, conservatories or glass lean-to’s.

Containing seven, double-sided traps with twist ties, the bright yellow surface is irresistible to flying insects.

Coated both sides with a dry-touch insect glue

Suitable for organic gardening, Whitefly Traps are easy to use and as the product contains no pesticide, it will work continuously, making routine spraying unnecessary.

Try to use before the first signs of pest infestation or in conjunction with other control methods. Simply peel off the protective sheets and hang using the twist ties.

The yellow colour reflects light which attracts flying insects, which then become trapped on the sticky surface.

Although it contains a strong adhesive, the special no-mess formula will not stick to clothing or skin. It also does not have an unpleasant odour.

Once used, simply wrap the traps in newspaper and put in the bin.

Contents: 7 Traps with Hangers

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Bug and Insect
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