Vitax Liquid Acer Feed Concentrate 1 Litre

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Traditionally grown in pots, Japanese maples and acers bring year-round, vibrant rich colour, which requires a balanced liquid feed to help maintain their striking foliage.

An easy-to-use alternative to a granular feed, Vitax Liquid Acer Feed contains a tailored mix of nutrients to help encourage strong growth and produce that stunning, colourful foliage associated with Japanese maples and acers.

Balanced feed based on pure mineral nutrients

Includes potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus to encourage strong root growth
Helps revive tired and weaker plants.

Ideally suited for use with peat-free compost or free-draining growing media, Liquid Acer Feed can be used with plants grown in borders, pots or containers.

Sensitive to drought, in extremely warm conditions, feeding should be increased to prevent plant stress.

Applied every two weeks to prevent drying out, Liquid Acer Feed is cost -effective - a one-litre bottle of Liquid Acer Feed will make up to 50 watering cans.

Once diluted, it can be applied around the base of the tree during April to September.

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