Vitax Buxus Feed Concentrate 1 Litre

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Ideal for all varieties of Buxus or Ilex crenata, Liquid Buxus Feed contains all the essential nutrients to promote strong, healthy growth to help prevent disease.

Part of the specialist liquid feed range, Liquid Buxus Feed is ideal for buxus planted in pots, containers or in the ground.

Works equally well in peat-free composts or free-draining growing media
Contains nitrogen for strong growth
Added magnesium helps produce luscious, rich, dark foliage.

Buxus is found in most gardens due to its versatility and ability to grow well in a wide range of soils and situations but requires a specific mix of nutrients to keep it looking in tip-top condition.

Liquid Buxus Feed has been formulated with the correct balanced nutrition to ensure sturdy growth alongside greener and glossier foliage to bring vibrancy to the garden.

The addition of both nitrogen and magnesium helps to produce stronger buxus, maximise growth and strengthen natural defences to help prevent disease. 

A perfect solution for anyone looking for a regular fertiliser as part of a ‘little and often’ feeding regime.  Liquid Buxus Feed is cost-effective with one-litre of concentrated feed making up to 50 watering cans.

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